Maurizio Sarri

The fact that Juventus are apparently interested in Maurizio Sarri, and our belief in that rumour grows every day as the links continue to surface, it gives Chelsea an unexpected decision.

If he’d won the Europa League, along with his third place in the table it would have been hard to sack him. It still might have been the right call, but given the circumstances those in charge would have been sticking their neck out.

Instead, he may ask to leave himself, to join Italian giant Juve, and that means those at the top of Chelsea can be rid of someone they may have suspected isn’t up to it, without any blame on themselves.

They can say he wanted to go and Juve paid. There’s not much more they can do at that point. So they will be able to save the of sacking him, receive some dough instead, and then have a free swing at a new manager – Frank Lampard, or Thomas Tuchel, or whoever they feel like.

So while it’s not usually good to see your manager poached, those upstairs at the Bridge may be smiling. This is a deal where they can g

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