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Benjamin Newman

Benjamin Newman

Last Updated: June 10, 2019 3:45 pm

Neymar’s rape case intensifies

2019 is primed to be a difficult summer for PSG star Neymar.

Making matters worse is Neymar’s inability to change the narrative on the pitch.

Neymar has withdrawn from Brazil’s squad at the Copa America after suffering an ankle injury in a warm-up match against Qatar.

At the same time, Neymar has been accused of rape in a Paris hotel.

To be clear, Neymar has vehemently denied all rape accusations.

After the allegations originally arose, Neymar denied the claims in a 7-minute video posted on his Instagram channel.

However, that video has since been deleted from the platform, and Neymar is now under a police investigation in Brazil, for publishing intimate pictures of the alleged victim.

Najila Trindade & the Neymar hotel video leak

In the past few days, the accuser’s name has been confirmed – Najila Trindade – as she’s started telling her story to the Brazilian media.

At the same time, a new video has leaked on social media.

In it, Najila Trindade was filmed with Neymar in a hotel room. She can be heard saying:

Do you know why I’m going to hit you? Do you know why? Because you assaulted me yesterday.

Najila Trindade talks to the press

Najila Trindade has conducted a couple of interviews in recent days.

In one interview on Brazilian TV, she said the following:

I was a rape victim. I had the desire of being with Neymar and when I got there everything was good, everything was fine, the messages, I was going to succeed, do you understand?

But when I got there he was aggressive, totally different from the guy I met through the texts.

From the moment that he held me, violently hitting me, he was forcing me to stay there, in that place.

In a second interview on the ‘Domingo Espetacular’ show on Sunday, Najila Trindade has further explained how her life has been destroyed by recent events.

I believed in the law. I thought my name was going to be kept secret. I trusted. I have never imagined that I would be on the internet and exposed to everyone. Because this is a crime.

It is all distorted, everything is wrong. My life has turned. I try to scream but nobody listens to me.

I’ve been taking too much medicine in the last few days, without eating. I think I need a little peace of mind right now.

I’m very upset. I need to recover. I’m not well. I lost 10 kg in the last week.

People want to take advantage of my pain, they follow me, following my family. I do not know what’s worse, staying asleep or awake.

More and more things get out of control and people have no respect for my pain, the pain of my son I can not have my life, work, study, or stay with my son.

When I to go out on the street, people keep chasing me.

What’s going on with the actual Neymar legal case?

During the ‘Domingo Espetacular’ interview, Najila Trindade was asked about the full video inside the Paris hotel room.

She declined to answer questions about the clip.

However, moving forward, that video may be key to her legal case against Neymar.

As reported on the BBC on Monday, Najila Trindade’s lawyer may walk from the case if she doesn’t provide him with the full video:

Laywer Danilo Garcia de Andrade said he told model Najila Trindade to show him a full recording of a second encounter she had with Neymar.

But Ms Trindade said the tablet holding the recording was stolen from her home.

According to Ms Trindade, the tablet she used to film the images was stolen during a burglary at her home in Brazil, but the owners of the building where she lives denied there was a forced break-in at the property.

Ex-husband Estivens Alves dragged into the Neymar rape case

On a side-note, Estivens Alves, the ex-husband of Najila Trindade, has also become a focal point of attention.

That’s because Estivens Alves has been threatened in the wake of recent events.

Speaking on Globo TV’s Fantástico programme, Alves revealed that he’s received death threats:

I was threatened on social networks. They said if Neymar did not play the Copa América, I would be killed.

He also revealed how he was told “I know your family.”

Yet, Alves also told the press that Najila Trindade “has an explosive temperament” and is “a person difficult to control”.

Neymar & sponsorship deals

It’s been confirmed by Reuters that some of Neymar’s sponsorship deals have been suspended as a result of the rape allegations:

NR Sports, which holds the rights to Neymar’s name and image, said in a statement that no sponsorship contract had been cancelled and it did not provide details on what ad campaigns had been suspended.

“All the partners, for obvious reasons, are alert and aware of the unfolding events,” the NR Sports statement said in part.

More social media updates

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